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Our History

Our Company

Our Staff

Our Tools

Mike Doyle

Hermine Schima

Matthew Bean

Scott Truesdale

Joe Murphy

Peter Grant

Other Staff Members

Our Presentation...

Internet Technology Basics

The Internet...

The Internet Protocols...

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Linear Information...

Linear Examples

Associative Information...

Associative Examples...

The Key Point Is...

The World Wide Web...


HTML Looks Like...

Who Manages the Internet?

World Wide Web Consortium

Web Browsers...

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Questions on Technology?

Internet Marketing Overview


Marketing Mix

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Web Site in Mix

Types of Web Sites

User Income Profile

Age Profile

Internet Growth

Total Transactions *


Other Statistics

Getting Users to Your Site

Retail To Consumer

Potential Problems Facing E-Commerce

Web Design Graphical Elements

What A Web Site Should Do...

What A Web Site Shouldn’t Do...

Now, For The Definitions . . .

Image Maps

Icons and Headers


Photographs and Scans

HTML Layout


More on Java . . .


Frames as a Design Element


Internet Malls and Directories, Or:

Site Map Design

Marketing and Design Questions And Answers...

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