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April 2006
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  • Commercial Property Tax Management
  • Independent property tax consulting firm specializing in all aspects of real and personal property tax evaluations, filing services, audits and appeals. Logo and corporate identity design, print sourcing, web development. ... View Site


Financial services web design in NH
  • AcuITy
  • Strategic Staffing of Key Business Integration Resources. Web design. ... View Site

Outsourced IT web design in MA

Horse & sleigh rides during vacation in Lincoln, NH. Web design from brochure. ... View Site

Liesure Web Designers in NH

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    • Buyer One, Exclusive Buyer Agents for clients purchasing homes. Search Engine Optimization on 78 phrases unique to the Greater Boston real estate market.
    • Grove Products, Structural shim manufacturers located in Gardner, Massachusetts. Web design.
    • Rivco, Home Improvement and Kitchen Remodeling Manfacturer. Interactive web engineering.
    • RCAP Solutions, Governmental agency providing consulting, planning, infrastructure-building, oversight and operational services to communities of all sizes. Complex LAMP web development and PHP database project.

    We are actively looking for smaller web projects, as well as print catalog and brochure projects. With one more project anticipated to start this month, we are now booked for web engineering and database development projects through May.


    Our dedicated search engine ranking report server has been well received, and is busily collating results for clients 16 hours per day (heh, it dosn't need food or breaks...). This service offloads traffic from client servers, provides valuable benchmarking data to determine needed next steps in optimization, and places the risk of repeated searches from a distinct IP firmly on our shoulders. We run the risks attendant with reporting; not our clients. ... More


   Search Engine News

    Google's much anticipated "Go Daddy" update, didn't really go anywhere. While a minor update of content did occur in late February and early March, most US-based analysts and affiliates noticed a general reduction of indexed content. This appeared to be replaced by the addition of a minor number of sites into both the US and Canadian server farms.

    The lack of a true 'Deep Crawl' to add a large amount of information to their ten primary datacenters has been affecting Google's results since their IPO in 2004. Senior management have been plagued with rumors of click fraud, while soaring stock prices seem to have forced cost containment at the infrastructure level to reward investors.

    Yahoo! initially responded with their version of deep-crawling, but has pulled back for the last two quarters. During this wait period, new tools and a large overseas expansion of server resources is allowing Yahoo to position aggressively for emerging markets.

    This leaves MSN as the winner of the most aggressive of the robots, with daily updating of both DNS records and deep crawls for site content. The engine is also pursuing candidates familiar with PPC search engine metrics to assist in their launching of an Overture-like advertising engine to rival both Yahoo and Google market share.


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