Managing Your Site
 with Dreamweaver
      by Brian Sullivan



Checking In/Checking Out

  Before using this feature, you must designate a FTP or network server.     Checking In and Checking Out are powerful collaboration tools. With this feature, multiple team members can be working on the same Site at the same time. Checking In/Out prevents overwriting of files through Dreamweaver.

To set Check In/Check Out options:


  1. Choose Site > Define Sites, select a Site, and click Edit.
  2. In the Category list at the left, click Remote Info.
  3. Do any of the following:
  • Select the Enable File Check In and Check Out option if you are working in a team environment (or working alone but from several different machines).
  • Select the Check Out Files when Opening option if you want files to automatically be checked out when you double-click to open them from the Site window. (Using File > Open to open a file doesn't check the file out even when this option is selected.)
  • Enter a check-out name.
    The check-out name appears in the Site window alongside any files that you have checked out, enabling other team members to locate you if you have a file that they need.
  • Enter an e-mail address.
    If you enter an e-mail address and then check out a file, your name appears in the Site window next to that file as a clickable link (blue and underlined). If a team member clicks on the link, their default e-mail program pops up with a new message. The To field will contain the e-mail address, and the Subject field will contain the corresponding file and Site name.


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