Managing Your Site
 with Dreamweaver
      by Brian Sullivan



Library Items


Libraries are ways to store items which may need updating like text, images, and tables that are to be used throughout the Site. For instance, I have used library items for a disclaimer, a phrase and some sub-level navigations. I have also used them for the tip table and the 1-6 numbered buttons. These are items I wish to recall and have consistent, but, do not want to recreate them each time. After being placed on the page, I detach them from the Library so that I may edit them. (Much like Templates).

The navigations and blurbs I have not detached, they will remain editable. This comes in handy if you use certain note text, or phrases throughout the Site. If legal changes the disclaimer, a quick edit to the Library item and it will be updated throughout the Site where it is used.

To Create A Library Item

You can create a library item from any element in the body section of a document, including text, tables, forms, Java applets, plug-ins, ActiveX elements, navigation bars, and images.

You can not use Timelines or style sheets on Library items as they must be stored in the HEAD section. There are particular requirements of utilizing any behavior or script in a Library item and I recommend reading the Dreamweaver help on this.

  1. Select a portion of a document to save as a library item.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Choose Window > Library and drag the selection into the Library category of the Assets panel.
    • Click the New Library Item button at the bottom of the Assets panel (in the Library category).
    • Choose Modify > Library > Add Object to Library.
  3. Enter a name for the new library item.
    Each library item is saved as a separate file (with the file extension .lbi) in the Library folder of the Site's local root folder.

To Use A Library Item

  1. Open the Assets Window and click on Library icon.
  2. Select the Library item and then click insert

To Update A Library Item

  1. Double Click on the Library item in the Asset window.
  2. Make the modifications.
  3. After saving, Dreamweaver will update the Site much like the Templates do.

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