Managing Your Site
 with Dreamweaver
      by Brian Sullivan



Using Templates


Creating a Template

Your page has been approved by everyone. They all are staking their first born on it. It's now time to make the template. Generally, I like to make sure that All my alt tags are in, all my scripts are in, CSS is in, and so forth. Sure, things can be changed later, but, I like to take the time now to make sure all those little things are done.

Take your approved page. (Open up the file I tell you)

From the menu>File>Save as Template.

At this point, the only editable area is the page title. We now need to define the editable areas. In this Site, the white area and underneath the main nav on the left are editable.

To Do This

  1. Place your cursor in the area you wish editable, or select the item you wish to be editable.
  2. Under the Menu>Modify>Templates>New Editable Region (Ctrl+Alt+V)(You can also right mouse click, New Editable Region)
  3. Enter a name for the region.
    The region name, surrounded by braces ({}), is inserted into the template as a placeholder, enclosed in a rectangular outline of the appropriate highlight color.



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