Managing Your Site
 with Dreamweaver
      by Brian Sullivan



Using Templates


Modifying Your Template

Modifying your Template allows you to make global changes quickly throughout a Site. Changing a non-editable region in a Template will change any page based on that Template (if update page when Template changes is checked).

Changing an editable region in a Template has no effect on pages built from a Template.

After you have made your changes, saving the Template will automatically prompt you to Update your pages. Click to Update to change all the pages that use that Template. Clicking Don't Update is useful if you wish to make more changes and do not wish to update the Site yet.

Using Modify>Templates>Update Pages will bring up a dialog box which allows you the options of updating the entire Site or updating only files that use a particular Template (in case there are multiple Templates).


Now open the Template either by using the Menu item file, the Site window (F8) or by opening it from the Asset window (F11) by double clicking it.

Change the word Lessons to Topics in the left navigation.

At the end of that nav system, add a soft return (shift+return) and add the word Examples. Link it to examples.htm.

Click in the content area and add the extended character ALT+0221. Select the character and in the properties box, type Wingdings for a font. Set the size to 4 and add the pound symbol # for a link. Select the character and drag and drop it to the left side of the e-mail envelope. (This is a back to top button)

Click save. Update the Site!



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