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reciprocal links

Referral links are when another domain publishes a hyperlink, usually with an advertising description/graphic, to your site. Reciprocal links are when two, or more, sites agree to publish referral links to each other.

Referral links can benefit site promotion is several ways

  • Directly creates traffic
  • Users can link from other sites to yours
  • Creates name recognition
    Increases people's exposure to you when they view your ad
  • Boosts search engine positioning
    SE spiders will visit more often and your link popularity is improved

referral link formats

  • Graphical (most common) or text links prominently displayed on a site.
  • Favorite links page
    Web page containing a list of links to recommended sites
  • Web page containing a list of links to recommended sites
  • E-mail referral links
    Links published in a newsletter or other form of e-mail message
  • Hidden links
    Links that are not visible on a page. Used only to boost link popularity and spider travel.

Many other forms of referral links exists. These are some of the more popular forms.

referral link compensation

Many forms of compensation for adding referral links on a site. Below is a list of the more popular ones.

  • A site receives payment for each time they display a link/ad
  • Payment for click through or commissions on purchases
  • Reciprocal links
    Both sites get a link to one another

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