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Search Engine Reporting

Our search engine reporting service is one of the most advanced in the industry today!

We operate a dedicated server environment with mass external storage to provide the most detailed and in-depth information available on the search engines. We use 'best practices' in running our servers.

Our custom reporting modules provide extensive archiving capabilities, including historic paths by key phrase for both paid and unpaid service directories and indexes. Click the following links for a sample of our custom reporting services:

This is just the beginning for performance overview. We also offer comprehensive trend tracking, specific engine reporting and maintenance, on-page statistics packages, web analytics and many other services.

The information gathered during the reporting process can provide valuable intelligence in determining weaknesses in your Internet strategies. Some key phrases may be underperforming on specific engines; what changes need to be made to increase the exposure, given the algorithms currently in use at the engines in question? These answers and more are available to you with just a simple email or phone call to us at 603.715.5445.

To compliment our search engine submission services*, we also offer comprehensive search engine ranking reports. This is a standard baseline report, and is not customized in any way. However, it is ideal for a site owner that wants a simple and easy-to-digest report that shows where the site is as of today. Fast, simple, easy!


Report PRO

Now that your site has been submitted to 18 engines, you'd like to see how your site ranks on each one. We recommend waiting at least 6 weeks from original submission, for engine indexing to be completed.

Up to four phrases will be analyzed on each of the engines we submitted to, and we will provide a report that identifies specific engines, key phrase and current ranking!

Over 600 Clients ... To our reporting form. ... Only $99!


Report GOLD

Report GOLD is an advanced version of Report PRO, targeting up to eight phrases on over 40 major search engines. Use this to begin strategically identifying what phrases return the greatest sales.

We will provide a series of reports, including the key phrases and current page ranks per engine and summary reports!

Over 100 Clients ... To our reporting form. ... Only $199!


For both services, we will send you a confirmation email with summaries of the report(s) ordered.
Click here for more comprehensive submission, reporting and analysis services.

Just fill out this form; we will call you to discuss your individual plan and review one phrase real-time.
Sorry; corporate US sites only... 9AM to 5PM EST

At no time will Grant Communications sell, trade, rent or distribute personal information to any outside organization. We use email addresses to send requested information and to respond to the email we receive. Information such as name, title and company information is used to determine the demographics of our audience and help us to present the information of most value to those who visit.

* * At no time does Grant Communications LLC submit to more than one site; Even this strategy is being evaluated, as Google has devalued DMOZ substantially over the last 2 months. This page is placed for those who sp@m, or cheat, with the search engines. Contact us to discuss why this is such an important point.


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