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Search engine registration is a request to a search engine to look at a URL and include it into their index. Search engine registration is the quickest method for getting your site listed on public engines. While manual registration is not difficult on most SEs most people use one of the free or for pay registration services/software as a quick way to submit multiple pages to multiple search engines.

registration tips

  • Always read and follow a search engines rules and regulations before submitting.
  • Do not submit any pages that are not yet posted or under construction, a "spider" will visit your site to verify and index your page for inclusion.
  • Many search engines claim that only the root page of a site needs to be submitted and all pages will be spidered automatically. However many times the spidering may take months or never happen at all. For some search engines it is best to submit every page you want indexed.
  • Some search engines have limits to the number of pages that can be submitted from a single domain.
  • Many search engines will drop some or all of your pages after a time. Make sure to monitor whether your pages are currently indexed and resubmit any that have fallen out of the search engine.

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